What is Our Mission Statement?

To bring to our students the benefits of learning effective self-defence and improving personal fitness using a blend of martial art disciplines.

What Is It?

  • A blend of martial art (styles/disciplines) carefully combined to teach its students effective self-defence.
  • Fitness training combined with the benefits of learning a new and useful skill.
  • According to our students: "its great fun"; "a fantastic way of keeping fit"; "I want to come back again and again"; "confidence building"; "very varied but always purposeful".

Who is it for?

Everyone age 5 and upwards, individuals and families. Over 50% of our students are parent/child teams.

Introduction to AK Karate

AK Karate combines techniques in its syllabus which provides its students with realistic and accessible self-defence strategies. A carefully constructed blend of different disciplines and styles of martial arts, developed by Chief Instructor "Master Kendrick" together with instructors "Jason Scargill" "Master Baker", "Adam Brown" and "Paul Couldwell". It draws on 'Tang soo do ' boxing and freestyle kick boxing. Students grade from white belt (beginners) through to black belt and dan status in accordance with traditional martial arts in a way that is designed to motivate and reward, reflecting students age and experience. Emphasis is placed not only on self defence but also personal fitness where levels of intensity reflect personal goals and targeted achievements.